We started All Scouts in 2019 with one goal: to create a safe environment for all kids to learn about their place in the world and their communities.

All Scouts is a gender-neutral scout program for kids who love to do it all. Our collectives are in-person and digital. We learn about serious topics like inclusivity, environmentalism, mental and physical health, and money while doing fun activities like crafts, day trips, interviews, cooking, and volunteering in our community.

We’re committed to providing the scout program we would have wanted to participate in and the one our kids, nieces, and nephews would want to participate in. We’re self-funded so you can rest assured that there are no agendas, no hidden associations, and no antiquated gender rules.

We’re currently in beta with our Kitsap Collective. Ready to start your own? Join our email list and be the first to get notified when All Scouts releases its next batch of collectives in Fall of 2019.